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First, what is certified translation?

A translation is certified when the translation company issues a certificate called the Statement Of Certification (also known as an Certificate of Accuracy) attesting to the accuracy of a translation. (It goes without saying that certificates issues by professional Japanese translation companies are more trusted than those issued by freelance translators – No surprise there!).

However, regardless of who issues the certificate and in what format, certain information must be included:

  • Name & contact details
  • Translated documents
  • Date issued
  • Statement of Accuracy
  • Signed or stamped.

What kinds of documents require certified Japanese English translation?

Foreign partners may require translations of Certificates of Incorporation or Financial Statements be certified. Generally, though, more mundane but equally important, personal legal documents such as Japanese family registers (koseki toho), residency certificates (juminhyo), marriage certificates, birth certificates, death certificatesand bank statements etc., require certification.

Next, who requires certified Japanese translation?

Commercial Banks, Courts of Law, Embassies, Immigration Services & Departments, Educational Institutions, Law Firms, Official Organizations, National Registries, etc. The reason that these official entities require Japanese documents translated into English be certified is that they want to ensure the translation has been undertaken by a competent and professional translation services company.

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