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While playing online bingo is an exciting prospect, it is always better to become familiar with certain terms of payout, the type of game, maximum calls and also more importantly, the type of jackpot we are vying for.

Generally, the safest and most common is a standard jackpot which is also called a Preset Jackpot. Here, a certain sum of money is fixed before the game commences. It usually depends on the minimum bet value, the maximum bet value and also the popularity of the game. Online Casino’s decide this sum keeping in mind the traffic that the game generates, and number of tickets people will buy. In general, the amounts are much lower than progressive jackpots and consequently the risks also much lower. The payout is given in real money, and happens more often than a progressive jackpot.

A progressive jackpot is the second type, the kind more sought after by the thrill seekers. The amount of the jackpot progressively increases with the number of players playing the game. Generally, popular games with a large number of players, connected across multiple casino networks enjoy enormous progressive jackpots. However, while they are life changing if won, the frequency of this type of handout is quite low and usually is used to encourage people to place higher bets in the hope of winning.. Once the amount is set, as more players join in it rises. The player must complete the objective, whether one line or full house, within a certain set of calls, eg. 41 failing which the jackpot will steadily reduce to a base minimum amount. Some online bingo sites offer a jackpot of up to £5000.

Betway Bingo, a popular bingo site, has something called a MultiLevel Jackpot. It can only be won on a determined number of calls i.e. the £5K jackpot can be won in 1 – 40 calls or less to win £5,000 ‘Level 1’.  To know more read this Betway bingo review.

Thus, it is prudent to check the type of jackpot we play for before the game begins, along with the set of rules. This ensures that although bingo is a game of luck, a certain amount of strategy may be used in the number of cards bought, etc.

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