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Online casions are the internet version of the traditional casinos. They allow the players to play their favorite games from the comfort of their home. Some of the popular casinos like gclub offer high payback in the games which you rarely get in the land based casinos.

These online casinos use a random number generator program which is coded especially for them. The percentage of payback depends upon the rules of these games. When playing on these online casinos, often the reliability and trust of these games is questioned. So to resolve this matter, the online casinos rent or purchase the softwares of the well trusted gaming companies like- Microgaming, Play tech, Cryptology and Real time Gaming. These companies use random number generator software to create a system generates random results for games like slots, dice, cards and so on.

If you play in an online casino you can find different games in just one spot like video poker, craps, bingo, baccarat, roulette, blackjack, and slots machine.


This is a card game which was first introduced to the France casino by Italy. This is a simple card game which includes only 3 things:- Banker, Tie and Player, and the player bets on these 3 things.


This is the most popular card game. This game was originated from french casinos. Blackjack hand is achieved by the point total and the hand with the highest total which is less than or equal to 21 wins.


This is a wheel game having its origin in France. A player can make bets on the numbers, colors, odd or even. When the wheel is turned a small ball is thrown in the wheel and the players start to make the bets. The player who gets the correct guess where the ball will lie wins the game.


These are one of the most popular casino games. When playing online, the user clicks on the triggers which start the slots.

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